For the last few weeks our family has been working with a team of volunteers organized by Redeemer, the Manhattan church where Ken and I attended as students.  Everyone is bringing their unique skills to the projects we will be working on at Lily Orphanage in So Africa. There is a finance team who will be mapping out sustainable ideas to generate income at the orphanage as well as helping entrepreneurs and individuals in the surrounding community. A medical team of optometrists and a dentist.  Other team members will be engaging the kids through a sports camp, arts & crafts, and music.

Our fundraising project for this mission will contribute to Lily’s Computer Center with much-needed equipment and software that will be invaluable for the children, staff and the neighboring villages.   We are taking Stephen, Julia and Christine in hopes of providing a deeper education that will inform the rest of their studies and their lives.  It will take some sacrifice and a great deal of courage, so we ask that you keep us in your prayers, specifically for healing and a future for each of the children of Lily, and for compassion, wisdom and humility in our attempts to meet the needs of Lily.

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