Our gifts make a Difference!

We returned to Lily Orphanage witnessing first hand the investments made and the impact of these investments in every operating area.   Virtually every section of Lily Orphanage has improved.   It is especially encouraging to see the direct impact of these investments on the children.  We recognized Lily children wearing outfits donated by our friends and family and I was thrilled to see the children’s library filled with books that were donated by many of our friends as well.  Some of the kids were noticeably different from when we saw them 6 months ago-their physical health, their hopeful attitudes and their commitment to schooling and their future. Having the opportunity to see the impact of one’s donations makes Lily Orphanage unique.  Every year a team of volunteers from the States returns to partner with Lily and we are all able to see the growth and improvement from our investments and efforts.
Our kids are already planning their return trip to S Africa. We have all fallen in love with the children at Lily!

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