What is Aquaponics?

Aquaponics is a form of sustainable agriculture that consists of a self-contained, closed loop system containing fish, chickens, vegetables, and fruit trees. The fish tanks contain 50 fish each which fertilize the water via their waste. This fertilized water is then pumped through a series of growing beds, planted with vegetables, as well as eco lagoons, planted with food for the fish and poultry. The plants are nourished by the impurities in the water, taking them out before the water returns to the fish tanks. The primary function of the fish is to fertilize water for the vegetables, but they are also harvested as another source of food. 

An aquaponics system that involves tilapia, watercress, and tomatoes
This model is self-contained and highly efficient in both the economic and environmental perspective; we estimate that it will save 65%  on our food budget for the 2 households it provides for in the Children's Village, and it uses 90% less water than traditional agricultural methods.

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