CEO Makaphutu Orphanage, Lily of the Valley South Africa visiting us in October!

This Summer our team from CT and NYC visited the Makaphutu Orphanage touring the grounds with CEO and visionary, Nic Addison. Nic together with his wife, Melissa has spent 8 years working in KwaZulu-Natal, the HIV/Aids epicenter of the world. He is the chairman of LOV and co-leads a comprehensive initiative aimed at breaking the aids cycle. Makaphutu is a small orphanage of 40 children. Their leadership team and CEO work very closely with the Lily of the Valley Orphanage hoping to bring great change to their communities at large. They are committed to creating loving, sustainable communities. We are excited to welcome Nic to CT/NY this October where he will share updates of his orphanage in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Please see the link below giving you a more complete virtual experience of the amazing work taking place within the village of Makaphutu. For the last three years our family has visited both orphanages in S. Africa and we encourage anyone who may be interested volunteering to please reach out to us!



2013 Summer with Nic Addison touring Makaphutu Orphanage.

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