About Tabgha Love Foundation

Tabgha Foundation: The Tabgha Love Foundation was established by our family. We decided on this name because Tabgha, Israel is the site where Jesus miraculously fed over five thousand people with just 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish (John 6:5-14). Tremendous impact might be the result of a single gift, even those which seem small and insignificant.

The foundation has donated to nonprofit organizations primarily with a focus on children, specifically their medical and educational needs. We are able to ensure donations are directed to specific projects and needs. Operating expenses are covered by our family, therefore all third party donations go 100% to the children and the organizations that serve them. Your donation is fully tax deductable.

Our Personal Story: Ken and I have grappled with How much is enough? and the realization that success is oftentimes a hurdle rather than ensuring freedom to do what we’ve planned. Over 8 years ago, we cancelled our family summer volunteer trip and recognized then that there might never be an “ideal” time to step out of our routine. We have been taking new stock of our resources and how we are spending our time to determine if they are aligned with our life goals.

In 2011, our family joined a team of 25 Americans to volunteer at Lily of the Valley Orphanage in South Africa. We were certain that we had enough to share and willing to make ourselves available to help, but uncertain about anything else.  We were overwhelmed by the number of children born into seemingly impossible situations, humbled by the selfless individuals who chose to care for these vulnerable children, and inspired by the realization that every contribution, no matter how small, is significant as the money and efforts expended have considerable impact on a child. The donations and care were so appreciated, but, surprisingly, the people in South Africa seemed even more grateful that we came- that people from far away cared enough about them and their plight to work alongside them. We decided as a family to step out in faith and out of our comfort zone and commit to serve in various overseas nonprofits throughout the year. Ken took time off from his credit hedge fund and asset management business, and our children took a year out of school in order to be available and undistracted as we volunteered at nonprofits in South Africa and the Dominican Republic.

Rather than financial support alone, we are committed to relational investments. We would go and work alongside individuals who have dedicated their lives to serving others, and it has made all the difference. We have come to know so many exceptionally capable, selfless and beautiful individuals who are making a difference in many lives.

Ken and I are currently pro bono consulting for Lily of the Valley Orphanage’s hydroponic vegetable business which will ideally lead to Lily Orphanage’s self-sustainability. We have just returned from visiting our friends at Lily Orphanage and each of our children is already planning their return back to S. Africa and Lily.  I imagine we will be working with Lily for many years to come. In our attempt to support these extraordinary individuals who live in remote and challenging places, we have come face to face with the brilliance and hopefulness of our shared humanity.

Besides our comfort zone, our hearts and our family have been forever expanded.

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