Category: Challenges of Volunteering

Sick day

Dominican Republic

Our daughter, Julia became sick after we dropped off the disabled children from our excursion. She started throwing up once we began our journey back. I too, felt physically and emotionally exhausted, and she must have done everything possible to hold it together while we were with the kids and our volunteer group. The disabled teens were around the same age as our kids and spending the day with them must have been incredibly difficult. I ruled out food poisoning since we were all eating the same items. Nursing her back to health was one of my weakest moments of self-doubt about this year. As a mom, I felt horrible that she was suffering and guilty that we may have asked too much of our kids. Of course she recovered. Upon reflection, it’s remarkable that this was the only day that any of us were unwell throughout our travels. I am so grateful that we were all in good health and able to participate fully throughout our days of service.