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New 9th grade classroom!

Today is the first day of the new 9th grade class at Lily Orphanage! Lilyvale School has up to 4th grade until today. The teens at Lily Orphanage have not been receiving a proper education. In the local public schools, there are more than 80 kids to a class and most students aren’t able to progress to the next school level. The Lily teens shared with our teens that they are often victimized and fearful at school since they are regularly threatened physically and verbally. There exists a harsh stigma to being an orphan.

Beverly has started the first high school class at Lily Orphanage. She is from KwaZulu-Natal, graduated from Wake Forest with a Masters Degree in Education and has impressive teaching experience worldwide. Her passion for teaching and love of these children is so apparent. It is remarkable how Lily is successful in securing exceptionally qualified and compassionate staff.  There is something very compelling about Lily Orphanage.  We felt it and so have others.

The 9th graders now have a proper classroom with National Curriculum books and are so excited to have their own textbooks for the first time. Beverly shared with us that the teens need reading books and our kids are eager to send over some of their favorites. We will gladly accept donations for any Grade 6 on up reading books, novels as we plan to send boxes with the August team of volunteers.