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“A life given away for others”

Attached is an article written by Linnea Davis, daughter of Rev Davis of Stanwich Church in Greenwich, when she served in the Dominican Republic. I have been encouraged by friends this year, including Rev Davis, who served overseas with his family for many years.  I am sharing an email between us:

Anna wrote:  Dear Rev. Chuck,

Hope you have been well.  Ken and I were speaking about you and imagine our surprise when Saturday, your daughter came by our home!  We were thrilled to meet Linnea as you've shared stories of her- she is beautiful and joyful.

Ken and I returned with our teens from the Dominican Republic meeting our World Vision sponsored children and serving with Young Life in Santiago.  We are getting ready to head back to Lily Orphanage in S Africa.    We have found this year emotionally and physically demanding but so rewarding.  We greet each day with faith and expectancy and have been blessed witnessing His love and provision.  We've been humbled by how little makes such an impact because His love is demonstrated in our simple acts of faith.  We still are unsure of what to do with our experiences and we are praying for guidance when we return to our CT home to resume our lives here.  In His love, Anna and Ken

Rev Chuck Davis (Stanwich Church, CT ) wrote:  Hey Anna!  

Great to hear from you.  And I am glad that you got to meet Linnea.  I think my kids (now adults) are the best.  Linnea actually discovered the reality of poverty during a trip with her youth group to the D.R.  Even though she grew up in the 6th poorest country in the world she missed the poverty reality because it was our everyday and her friends on the street lived it.  It was out from under the covering of Dad and Mom, in the garbage dumps of the D.R., that poverty became a reality for her.  She actually won a scholarship for an article that she wrote about that experience. Great to hear of your ongoing journey.  You guys are glowing on your website.  It goes to show that meaning is found most deeply in a life given away for others!  Thanks for reconnecting. Blessings on the journey! Chuck

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