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In the news! Valley Fresh-tomatoes to support the orphanage


Lily Orphanage is investing in a state of the art Hydroponic Gardening system. which uses less water than soil gardening, with a vision to be self-sustaining.   Their goal is  to increase production so that 40% the orphanage's budget will be covered.  Their model of self sustainability and using hydroponic water conservation has tremendous potential, and if successful, can be replicated throughout Africa and other indigent areas around the world.  Ken and I, with a group of volunteers, are consulting pro bono on this project with Ken Walton, CEO of Valley Fresh.  This is cutting edge technology which may possibly be the wave of the future.  See the article below.

Valley Fresh Farmers Weekly Article (PDF)

A successful microfinance business

Rosandy sells used clothing to support her family of 6 children. Her husband is in construction and has been without work for 4 months. Her first loan was for $350 and she has taken 3 loans as she has grown her business. At the high season she earns approximately $30 a day.