“Educating a generation of orphans one child at a time”

It is hard work to raise a child.

Lily Orphanage has responsibility for over 100 orphans, mostly HIV affected. For the first time, a generation of orphans will be aging out of the orphanage because they are surviving HiV.  Rather than solely rescue, Lily Orphanage is committed to raising and providing life skills for these beautiful children to lead independent lives. The orphanage currently has classrooms up to Grade 5 and now a 9th grade classroom has been added to ensure the teenagers have a future when they age out of the orphanage.

Lily Orphanage
Lilyvalle, 3rd Grade

After our Summer 2013 Volunteer trip to Lily Orphanage, we decided to restructure the Life Changers Program to make it project-based rather than the sponsorship of an individual child. Our goal is to impact an entire generation, therefore instead of directing your donation to an individual child, you can choose to direct your donation to a specific program, allowing for a more widespread impact distributed among the children. If you have previously chosen to sponsor a child, you can continue that personal relationship through correspondence and care packages, as we will be returning to Lily each year, but the monetary contributions will not be allocated solely to that child. You can commit to the specific program that you feel most drawn to and will be updated on the development of that program. The programs that you can choose to support are all meant to give the children a sense of purpose, drive, and teach them life skills so that they can come out of the orphanage as self-sufficient members of society.

computer center donated by our volunteer team 8/2011
Lily Computer Center-donated by our 2011 summer volunteer team


Programs You Can Support

Baking Club: Through this program, Christy not only teaches the children how to make delicous treats but she also shares with them the ins and outs of running a business. By supporting this program, your donation would go towards the costs of running the bakery, including training the young adults who will be leaving the orphanage and material expenses.

Sewing Initiative: This program is run at the iKhethelo Orphanage and has been running strong for 3 years. We were happy to be the first customers of their bags three years ago and this year were delighted to see that they have expanded their business to include aprons and oven mitts as well. By supporting this program, your donation would go towards the sowing supplies as well as the training for the teens.

Program Eagles: In 2013, Lily started a special needs classroom for children require additional instruction and care. Lise, a UK trained teacher, is currently the head of this program. These children ideally would have access to occupational therapy, a psychiatrist, and specialized education techniques such as hands on learning. By supporting this program, your donation would go towards the needs of that classroom and the group.

Continued Education Fund: At the orphanage, we have children with an interest in continuing their education in medicine, performing arts, and the police force. For those who qualify, we will be sending donations to support these career paths after high school.

Farming Initiative: This program aims to train the children to grow and harvest produce using traditional methods as well as sustainable agriculture methods such as hydroponics and aquaponics. Your donation would go towards the training of the children and investing in chickens, seeds, and farming equipment.

Donations of any amount are appreciated. Donations will be directed to the general education fund, which includes all of these programs as well as others, but if you feel strongly about one specific program you can direct your donations solely to that one. The educational fund covers expenses including building the classrooms, hiring the teachers, school supplies, uniforms and life skills such as farming, sewing and other trade skills. Through Tabgha Love Foundation, our family covers all operating expenses so that we can ensure that 100% of donations go to the children at Lily.

Donate to Lily of the Valley/ iKhethelo Orphanage
Click the button below to make a donation to the general education fund. Donating through Tabgha Love Foundation ensures 100% of your donation goes to the children of Lily of the Valley/iKhethelo  Orphanage as our family covers all operating expenses. Contact us if you’d like to work on this project.  We’d welcome any help!

Individual gifts made to Lily of the Valley and iKhethelo Orphanage through Tabgha Love Foundation are pooled with the gifts of others. Together they are directed toward the greatest need to transform educational opportunities for all the orphans.