Hydroponics: Investing in Self Sustainability

Lily of the Valley Orphanage has been operating for over 18 years in an area categorized as "areas of greatest need”. Lily of the Valley Orphanage uniquely includes a school- Lilyvale, a medical center, family services center, teen skill building and now, computer center for the local community. Lily has embarked on a tomato production enterprise with a vision to be self-sustaining. Currently, Lily receives 45% of its funding from the South African government and 45% from private donations, so they are susceptible to a fall-off from either funding source.


Lily Orphanage is focusing on building self-sustainability for the organization by growing tomatoes using hydroponics technology and selling them in the local food markets. Their goal is to increase production; so that 40% of their budget will be covered. Their model of self sustainability has tremendous potential, and if successful, it can be replicated throughout Africa and other indigent areas around the world. Our family was so taken with the people there, the children and the staff, that Ken and I have been working throughout this year with a group of volunteers to partner with Lily on multiple levels-to improve their business model, improve operations, help with their tomato branding, and secure investors for their projects.


Teen Skill Building

Community Health Clinic

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