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Lily teen’s dance video by volunteers Christy and Dan

Dan Lee volunteered this Fall at Lily Orphanage and was so inspired with the work there that he decided to return to Lily again in the beginning of the year,  volunteering for several months.  There is something undeniably captivating about Lily Orphanage for so many people to be affected in the same way.  Dan spent much of his time with the teenage boys at Lily teaching them photography, study skills and being a mentor to these young men.  He has devoted his time and expertise in photography, videography and website design for Lily.   Our kids were delighted to have him stay at our home for a few days this week.  We have met so many talented, generous people who are now like family.


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God is Enough by Lucrae

We so impressed with them ladies, Who be drivin' Mercedes Who be drivin' them crazy And we gotta be crazy We so impressed with them fellas Who be makin' them jealous Who be makin' them stellas And we gotta be crazy I'm so impressed King who on the throne Who left his heavenly home Never did a thing wrong They crucified him on A tree, there he made It was crazy how it set the stage For his resurrection from the grave That gets me amazed You can be the flyest man With a hundred grand in your hand Swag right, sag tight And a Gucci fan You can be the richest, be the smartest, be the hardest, all of that But I guarantee before I die they all are fallin' flat

[Hook:] Used to want a lotta things All the stuff that's on TV Education, cars, and clothes Fashion lights and jewelry Focused on the wrong stuff Now I got my eyes on you And now I know that

[Chorus:] God is enough-nough God is enough-nough God is enough-nough You are enough-nough Never too much-uch More than enough-nough God is enough-nough You are enough for me Party like the fast life, hurry this the last flight Chasin' all your dreams, this right here could be your last night And man you finally got your cash right But it never seems to last right You know you sick of lookin', you sick of chasin' I think you know the truth, you just don't wanna face it Your life is empty, though you havin' fun You never satisfied, you never get enough You go from thrill-seekin' to pill-poppin' From heavy drinkin' to club-hoppin' You just can't stop it, like you're a slave And you chasin' nothin' all the way into the grave

[Hook:] [Chorus:] Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want Takes away my fears, you restore my soul Off into the sky, the dead in Christ arise To be with you forever, see with the clearest eyes Quench my inner thirst, there's something more in life No money, cars, relationships compare to joy in Christ Love that falls from selfish ones that like to flirt with self- destruct No need to stut, know what I want, to keep it, but my God's enough

[Hook:] [Chorus:] I don't need these worldly things, no-oh I don't need these worldly things, no-oh More of you and less of me, G-od More of you and less of me, G-od I don't need these worldly things, no-oh I don't need these worldly things, no-oh More of you and less of me, G-od More of you and less of me, G-od

[Chorus:] You are enough for me. [/dropdown_box]

Serving Local Connecticut Nonprofits

Harvard Community Partners of CT

Some of you have expressed an interest in identfying local volunteer opportunities.  Although our family is is committing this rare block of time to travel to remote areas internationally, there are many impactful local nonprofits that could benefit from additional volunteers.  Over 8 Years ago, a group of us CT HBS alumni started Harvard Community Partners CT to provide pro bono consulting to CT nonprofits. I enjoy working with this group of big hearted consultants who donate so much of their time and expertise to support our local nonprofits.  Our Community Partners has had the privilege of working with many commendable Connecticut nonprofits which are listed below.

Connecticut Nonprofits