Columbia Business School Pangea Advisors

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This semester these three MBA students (Gina, Eivind, Amy) are pro bono consulting for Lily of the Valley orphanage in South Africa!

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Some of the previous volunteers that we have served with at Lily, (Charles, Katey, Phil) joined us to introduce Lily and thank them for committing their time and talents for this semester-long project.

Happy Thankgiving!

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving 25 Greenwich High School students spent most of their evening delivering donations of Thanksgiving dinner to families in Greenwich and StamfordThe Diddel family organized Baskets from Heaven 22 years ago. This year 265 baskets, each filled with enough food to feed 30, were hand delivered with much joy!

Nic Addison, Chairman LOV (Lily of the Valley) S. Africa visits CT

Delighted to introduce Nic Addison, Chairman of Lily of the Valley- S. Africa to Trinity Church, Greenwich this weekend. Nic started his career in Corporate Finance in the US and across the last 20 years has led an effort to break the AIDS orphan cycle in KwaZuluNatal, S. Africa. Pictured below some of this summer's volunteer team to S. Africa. Contact us if you'd be interested in teaching for 6 months or more at Lily Orphanage.

CEO Makaphutu Orphanage, Lily of the Valley South Africa visiting us in October!

This Summer our team from CT and NYC visited the Makaphutu Orphanage touring the grounds with CEO and visionary, Nic Addison. Nic together with his wife, Melissa has spent 8 years working in KwaZulu-Natal, the HIV/Aids epicenter of the world. He is the chairman of LOV and co-leads a comprehensive initiative aimed at breaking the aids cycle. Makaphutu is a small orphanage of 40 children. Their leadership team and CEO work very closely with the Lily of the Valley Orphanage hoping to bring great change to their communities at large. They are committed to creating loving, sustainable communities. We are excited to welcome Nic to CT/NY this October where he will share updates of his orphanage in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Please see the link below giving you a more complete virtual experience of the amazing work taking place within the village of Makaphutu. For the last three years our family has visited both orphanages in S. Africa and we encourage anyone who may be interested volunteering to please reach out to us!



2013 Summer with Nic Addison touring Makaphutu Orphanage.

Volunteer trip to S. Africa has begun!

Charles, Molly, and Darla, the first few members of our volunteer group, headed out to Lily of the Valley Orphanage this morning! All three volunteers were saddled with 100 lbs each of donations, including school supplies and clothing, that we are bringing to the orphanage. These volunteers will spend the next weeks teaching at the orphanage and making a huge impact in the lives of these children. To stay updated on our trip, follow us on Twitter at @TabghaLove where we will be tweeting live!

CT Volunteers head to S. Africa this summer- 13 volunteers head to S. Africa!

This summer, we are taking a group of volunteers to go to Lily of the Valley Orphanage in South Africa. We are leaving mid July and we couldn't be more excited!

Christy (far left) volunteered at Lily of the Valley Orphanage and was so moved by her experience she decided to leave NY as a social worker for the disabled and relocate to S Africa to help raise the 100+ orphans at Lily.  She's been on Lily's staff for the last 3 years and our family has witnessed the impact of her commitment to the teenagers at Lily. These are the first generation of kids leaving the orphanage and they need life skills, so Christy used her baking skills to start a bakery and teach them the ins and outs of running a small business.

What is Aquaponics?

Aquaponics is a form of sustainable agriculture that consists of a self-contained, closed loop system containing fish, chickens, vegetables, and fruit trees. The fish tanks contain 50 fish each which fertilize the water via their waste. This fertilized water is then pumped through a series of growing beds, planted with vegetables, as well as eco lagoons, planted with food for the fish and poultry. The plants are nourished by the impurities in the water, taking them out before the water returns to the fish tanks. The primary function of the fish is to fertilize water for the vegetables, but they are also harvested as another source of food. 

An aquaponics system that involves tilapia, watercress, and tomatoes
This model is self-contained and highly efficient in both the economic and environmental perspective; we estimate that it will save 65%  on our food budget for the 2 households it provides for in the Children's Village, and it uses 90% less water than traditional agricultural methods.

Aquaponics Grant

Our son, Stephen was successful in securing a $20K grant for Lily of the Valley Orphanage in S. Africa for 2013.  The 2013 investment is being used to install an aquaponics system for food for the orphanage.  Aquaponics is a system of simultaneously growing vegetables and farming fish.  They are also incorporating a chicken/egg component.  This is a pilot project to calculate what percentage of the nutritional requirement of a household can be produced with an investment of $10,000 so that we might add additional modules to the system to provide an even higher level of self sustainability.  We are so impressed that Brendan Stapleton, the CEO of Lily is investing in a system which may provide longer term benefits of not only the food but career opportunities for the children of Lily.

Children at Lily with the chickens and eggs

Life Changers orphans were delighted receiving gifts from their U.S. family


The Lilly orphans who were selected by families here in America are always thrilled with the notes and care packages which we are able to hand deliver with volunteers who head back to Lily Orphanage every year.  Witnessing the impact of your gifts to the Lily children is so encouraging and makes the Life Changers program so special.

Surprise Christmas bonus

Christmas miracle for Lily Orphanage Staff! They were told there wasn't enough money for a Christmas bonus this year. A number of big hearted friends contributed and we are sending $10,875 and encouraging notes to show our love. Merry Christmas to all!

Valley Fresh Phase 2 expansion has begun!

                                                                   Our family has been working with other volunteers on the business plan and expansion of Valley Fresh, the produce business of Lily of the Valley Orphanage.  Our goal is to grow the business in order for Lily of the Valley Orphanage to be self sustaining.

Thrilled to report Phase 2 has begun with construction of another greenhouse as well as open field plantings of seedlings.  Nearly 35 staff (including maintenance, Valley Fresh employees, management, volunteers and children teamed up to plant nearly 14, 000 seedllings!

First customers of purses- Sewing Business of the Girls (Life Changers Program opportunity)

Our kids were delighted to be the first customers of bags made by the young ladies at the orphanage!  This sewing program promises to be an opportunity for children to earn income and learn trade skills for the future.  Rachelle, pictured in the middle, is a 6 month volunteer from Canada who has used her sewing skills to set up this thriving program for the girls.  Thando and Mbali, on the left of the photo, are sisters at the orphanage who were wonderfully encouraged when we purchased their bags.  Our girls were thrilled to be part of entrepreneurship at it's finest!  To date, the girls have sold several dozen bags. 

Our commitment to educating each of the orphans includes life skills education-rather than academics alone,teaching trade skills for future employment and independence.

Update on Nkosi

Nkosi is doing well.  After his visit to CT this summer, Brendan, the CEO, reports that “Nkosi is changed.  He is more confident now”. Nkosi wants to become a police officer which requires graduating from high school, getting a driver’s license ($300), and 1 year of police training.  In the last few weeks, Nkosi has toured the local police station in South Africa, spoken with police officers and has a goal.  It is awesome that Nkosi had the opportunity to visit America and now feels so important since he was recently featured in the Greenwich Time newspaper.

Greenwich Time article

Life Changers project with the Stantons

"Educating a generation of orphans one child at a time."

This summer our family hosted Nkosi, a teenager from Lily Orphanage in South Africa to visit us here in the US, his first travels outside of the orphanage.  He and others at Lily Orphanage are a generation of children who are, for the first time, surviving HIV and aging out of the orphanage.  They need life skills to lead independent lives.  Life Changers is a project to sponsor the education of each of the 120 + Lily of the Valley orphans.  The education could be academic for some and trade skills (farming, raising livestock, craft making) for others. Besides a financial contribution to a child, the relationship is so important.  Most of these children have little chance of adoption, so the relationship of Life Changers offers a child a commitment to their future through a relationship with a sponsor-sending letters and financial support and providing hope for their future. 

A team of volunteers travels back to Lily Orphanage in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa every summer.  Our family is planning our return trip again in 2013.   We invite you to open up your heart and life to a vulnerable child and you too, might be powerfully impacted.

Summer camp has new meaning

This year our family volunteered with YoungLife in Santiago, Dominican Republic with underpriveged youth living in inner city slums and a special needs orphanage.  These volunteer days were some of the most challenging of our year.  We paid for 10 of these children to experience summer camp for the first time-they were thrilled with the rare escape to a quiet and green retreat with other children .  Pico Escondido is a summer camp for teens living in urban poverty. It costs $65 to send a disadvantaged teen for 1 week of camp.

Dominican Republic


January 28, 2012- Dominican Republic-  A most challenging day

"Spending the day with severely disabled children in the Dominican Republic was one of the most difficult days for our family.  When we arrived at the facility that cares for abandoned and severely disabled children, they clung onto us and begged us to take them out.  Most of the children were limited in their mobility, and Ken and Stephen linked shoulders with some of the children in order to walk alongside them.  The din of moaning and crying throughout our time in the facility was very upsetting.  I brought bags of donated nail polishes since we were told the children spend most of their days in their cots.  I thought the bright colors on their fingernails would be a happy diversion for them to look at as well as a tangible way for me to demonstrate care and love to them as we sat together, holding hands and applying the polish.   Julia and I carefully untwisted their curled fingers and asked questions though we received no responses due to their inability to communicate.   We tried to be cheerful and show affection as we gave them manicures and pedicures.  I have to believe that we were able to demonstrate care in our simple act of making contact and spending time with them.

Our team (5 others along with our family) rented a van and we took 4 of these teens out for a pizza lunch and arcade excursion.  Ken and Stephen were drenched in sweat from struggling to get them in and out of wheelchairs and the van.  These teens were so excited that they got dressed up for the excursion.   Our only experience with special needs children are those who have loving families, completely devoted to providing them every opportunity for a fulfilled life.  These children, however, are without a family and therefore fully dependent on others.  I considered the spectrum of how we value others by superficial qualities and accomplishments and recognized that their life would be incredibly difficult because they are alone.  By the end of the day spent getting to know them, I realized what they were able to affect in me: patience, appreciation for their efforts and joy in every one of their accomplishments.

“Success is to be measured not so much by the position that has been reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed”  Booker T. Washington"


More Families Volunteering!

I was asked to write "How to Volunteer as a Family" article.   it has been an illuminating and inspiring year and well worth any perceived sacrifice.  We are delighted that we now know a few families who are planning similar trips this summer.   Hope my article below details the process to encourage others to consider a trip too.

Fairfield County Look

This summer’s volunteer team to Lily Orphanage

Every year a team of volunteers travels from NYC to Lily Orphanage in South Africa.  This time last year, our family arrived at Lily and I recall as a mother, I was deeply moved by the 120 orphans who were born into a seemingly impossible situation and humbled by the selfless individuals who chose to care for these vulnerable children.  Our first week at Lily, I asked a boy to leave the dishes he was washing and join the kids who were playing.  He was excessively grateful.  I remember shedding tears while washing those dishes recalling the hundreds of times we, as parents instinctively care for our kids throughout the day and realizing there are so many children who are completely dependent on the kindness of strangers to help raise them. Certainly our family could devote our attention to these kids this year.